Kärnteknikdagarna / Swedish Conference on Nuclear Power 2023

Kärnteknikdagarna / Swedish Conference on Nuclear Power 2023

28 november 2023 - 29 november 2023

STOCKHOLM. Stay up to date on the latest innovations and market trends and network with qualified professionals at the Swedish Conference on Nuclear Power 2023 - The industry event you don't want to miss.

Warm welcome to the largest annual nuclear power industry event in Sweden - Swedish Conference on Nuclear Power 2023 celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

The two-day conference is an excellent opportunity to network and centres on: New nuclear power developments, assurance of safe long-term operation of nuclear power plants, experiences and developments within materials, loads, dynamics, thermohydraulics, structural integrity, testing, quality assurance and safety assessments.

When: 28-29th of November 2023

Where: Aronsborgs Conference Hotel, Stockholm.

What: Two-day seminar with dinner in the evening of November 28th

The price includes: 
Conference program with approximately 40 speakers with several different themes. Interesting exhibition with suppliers from the nuclear power industry, lunches, coffee breaks, dinner with entertainment as well as access to the relaxation area and swimming pool.
If you do not have the possibility to attend the conference, you may instead participate digitally. At the price of SEK 3 450, you get digital access to the event. You can also participate digitally as a group, 10 people at only SEK 11 950. To register please look under the tab "digital ticket" below.

Some of the confirmed topics:
✔ Regulation and Knowledge Development for New Build Nuclear in Sweden - Per Seltborg, SSM
✔ Experiences from NDT Using Novel Robot Arm Technology - Martijn Cuyx, Vinçotte
✔ Olkiluoto 3 – Regulator´s Project Experiences - Elina Salenius, STUK
✔ CFD Simulations of Cavitation in a Condensate Pump - FS Dynamics, Maja Norman
✔ APAL, Identification and Evaluation of Uncertainties in the PTS Scenarios - Lukasz Sokolowski, Kiwa
✔ Nuclear Power Strategy and Outlook for Finland and Sweden - TBA, Fortum
✔ A NEA/OECD Benchmark-Experiment for the Validation of CFD for Mixing and Thermal Fatigue in T-Junction Dead Leg Flows - Kristian Angele, Vattenfall
✔ Fortum Developments on LTO - TBA, Fortum
✔ AI Assisted Inspection of Concrete - Pär Ljustell, Kiwa
✔ ISI of Instrumentation Nozzles Affected by Corrosion/Erosion in Oskarshamn 3 - Åke Jonsson, OKG
✔ 2022 IRRS Review of the Swedish framework for Nuclear and Radiation Safety” - Daniel Kjellin, SSM
✔ Repair and Qualification of the Pressurizer in Ringhals 4 - Pål Efsing, Ringhals AB
✔ SMILE – Examinations and Tests of Aged Materials Harvested from Decommissioned LWRs to Support Long Term Operation - TBA, Studsvik Nuclear AB
✔ Increased Margin to Fracture at LTO Due to Warm Pre-Stressing Effect in RPV Steels - Erik Öbrink, Kiwa

Please note that the presentations are held in English.
For program and more information and registration: https://www.kiwa.com/se/sv/tjanster2/utbildning/karnteknikdagarna/

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