Två kollektivtrafikkonferenser möts på Persontrafik

Två kollektivtrafikkonferenser möts på Persontrafik

It has never happened before two Nordic public transport conferences are being put together in Sweden, and in addition, during a larger trade fair, that is, Persontrafik on 22-24 October at the Stockholm Fair.


– Now the meeting place gets a whole new format. It will be hugely exciting, says Jarl Eliassen, coordinator of the Nordic Local Traffic Meeting and InformNorden.

The conference information  and the  Nordic Local Traffic Meeting  will  take place for the first time, while  Persontrafik will take place  on 22-24 October at the Stockholm Fair.



The Nordic Local Traffic Meeting  brings together the Nordic capitals’ public transport organizations every two years, and for several decades it has been a separate conference on the spring.


InformNorden , a forum with the purpose of bringing together industry specialists and industry to stimulate the development of IT in passenger traffic, has since the 1998 formation held annual conferences in the autumn.


The Nordic Local Traffic Meeting discusses future issues


Jarl Eliassen , former director of Trafikanten A / S in Oslo and the last four years The Nordic Representative in the UITP, the Union Internationale des Transports Publics, explains the structure:


– At the Nordic Local Traffic Meeting we discuss the most important future issues for public transport with a focus on the Nordic perspective. One example is how we roll out electric vehicles, it happens now. We can share our strategies and our experiences, and support each other.


A great deal of interest is linked to a panel discussion with all the Nordic directors.


– There we discuss what role public transport companies should take in relation to new forms of mobility, sharing services and sharing economics, individualized transport and autonomous self-propelled vehicles. Issues that also greatly affect urban planning.


InformNord stimulates research and development


The 20th Anniversary InformNord has a partially different orientation.


“The idea is to stimulate research and development in the field of telematics and to support ITS work in the field of Nordic public transport. At the conference, the countries share experiences, demands and standards, “explains Jarl Eliassen.


Six years ago, the two conferences were held for the first time at the same time. Since then, three “double conferences” have been held: in Reykjavik, Oslo and Helsinki. Now it will be the fourth time, in Stockholm.


This year, the conferences are organized for the first time together with a larger fair, ie Persontrafik.


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